Burrage Airstrip

Finally got to do a nice long haul to a place called the Burrage Airstrip about 300 km north of Kitwanga, BC which is on hwy 16 heading towards Terrace and Prince Rupert.  At Kitwanga, you turn onto hwy 37  and head north towards Meziadin Junction where you can head west on hwy 37a to Stewart or head NE on hwy 37 to Watson Lake, Yukon.  From Meziadin Junction it is about 175 km NE to the airstrip.  You will pass through a small community call Bell 2 where the second bridge crosses over the Bell-Irving river.   After that it’s another 40 minutes to the airstrip.  Beautiful country but a lot of bugs that won’t leave you alone.

I had to load in Kamloops and head north on 5A to Little Fort and head west on hwy 24 up a very long hill to McDonald Summit named after the first rancher to settle the area in 1907.  There are a number of freshwater lakes here that are abundant with trout and some are settled with houses and summer cabins.  Lac Deroche is my favorite as it is still pristine everywhere except next to the highway. I stopped at the rest area and took some photos and observed some big rings in the water where fish had surfaced so I am assuming there must be trout around 5 lbs or more in this lake.

The total km from Kamloops to the site and back to Kamloops was 2652.  So the pay will be good for this trip and I may get a few more.  I do burn a lot of fuel however so I am thinking of heading north on hwy 5 to Tete Jeune and the west to Prince George as there are less steep hills and I may be able to save some fuel.  It is 93 km longer however so we’ll see. Bye for now.

Heading north on hwy 37 towards Meziadin Junction

Heading NE alongside the Bell Irving river

Looking out over Lac Deroche from the rest area on hwy 24

Looking to the east end of Lac Deroche from the rest area



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  1. angie Says:

    This is a gorgeous place. I’m glad you got a good run with this trip. I’m guessing with all the bugs, it was pretty hot? Will you be in B.C. any time soon? Bye for now. love ister.4 xoxox

  2. admin Says:

    This place is in BC. I haven’t been out of BC for the last two years now.

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