Another Milk Run

Loaded a stainless steel plate in Richmond, BC and headed to Delta to load three steel plates.  Then I headed to Aldergrove to load a custom piece of steel pipe on the step deck of the trailer.  In the yard we added a small lowbed neck extension and then I tarped the steel plates.  Took a couple of days off before heading to Alberta to drop off the loads.  After arriving in Edmonton, I had to change my delivery schedule because of high winds.  The overhead crane couldn’t operate because of safety issues and I had to wait until the end of the day to unload the stainless steel plate.  Spent the night at Fort Sask, Alberta in preparation for another load of foam for the ride home. Delivered the foam in Kelowna, BC and headed over the connector to Merrit, BC.  Along the way I ran into a white out snow storm, but the roads were still bare and wet.  Kudos to the winter road crews for keeping them salted and sanded.  Picked up a load of lumber and headed for Chilliwack to spend the night.  Unloaded in Chilliwack and headed back to the yard after four days on the road. Bye for now.

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