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Still Going….

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Well finally I’m busy enough to keep me happy.  Been running pretty good after I complained about not enough work.  Been up to Gold Bridge, BC a couple more times and went to Canim Lake once.  Just love the Gold Bridge country, right out of a western movie if you ask me.  Driving in the lower mainland this past week has been a nightmare with nothing but accidents on the freeway every day and night.  Hard not to get caught up in the road rage syndrome.  Glad when I get out of the area and start driving north so I can relax and focus on the job at hand.  (more…)

The Road To Gold Bridge BC

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Took a load of magnesium chloride to the community of Gold Bridge west of Lillooet, BC.  Took me about 7 hours from Coquitlam to get there.  The weather was nice and hot as it always is in that neck of the woods.  Truck ran great and everything went smoothly until I got to Gold Bridge then I drove past the turn off because of poor directions given to me by my dispatch (what else is new).  Ended up climbing up a steep hill about 18-20% in grade and had to turn around (no small feat) and head back down with 42 tons of weight.  Took me a lot longer to get down then go up let me tell you.  (more…)

Finally a Long Haul

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Finally got to go on a long haul trip to northwestern BC to a place called Meziadin Junction.  Had to deliver a load of emulsion to the Bell bridge 32km east of the junction.  The weather on the way up was good, different story on the way home however.  Along the way I saw some moose, deer, black bear and one skunk.  After arriving I jumped out to talk to the spray truck that was working on the chip seal crew and was immediatly surrounded by millions of deer flies.  (more…)

Gravel Roads Suck

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Got back from a trip into Pemberton on a forest service road that runs along side of Lilloet Lake.  Didn’t have much fun or make much money.  To start with I blew a belt on my right front steer tire and had to keep filling it up with air to get to the site.   Then when I met up with the other truck getting unloaded in front of me, it seems that dispatch gave me the wrong instructions as I was supposed to wait at the beginning of the forest service road for the supervisor to show me where they wanted to unload me.  So I had to head back 20 km and park.   (more…)

Long Time No Post

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Sorry folks, I had forgotten about my blog as I have a lot of things going on.  I have changed companies since my last post.  I’m now hauling B-Trains for a company called Macal Bulk.  We haul different types of asphalt to various clients and Magnesium Chloride to keep the dust down on gravel roads.  It’s an interesting job, however the money isn’t there yet due to the mild spring and summer so far.  The big attraction for me was being able to take winters off anyways.  (more…)