The Road To Gold Bridge BC

Took a load of magnesium chloride to the community of Gold Bridge west of Lillooet, BC.  Took me about 7 hours from Coquitlam to get there.  The weather was nice and hot as it always is in that neck of the woods.  Truck ran great and everything went smoothly until I got to Gold Bridge then I drove past the turn off because of poor directions given to me by my dispatch (what else is new).  Ended up climbing up a steep hill about 18-20% in grade and had to turn around (no small feat) and head back down with 42 tons of weight.  Took me a lot longer to get down then go up let me tell you. 

Gold Bridge is a nice little community and the kind I’d live in for sure.  Reminds me of Gold River only smaller and further in the mountains.  The road on the way there was very steep following the Bridge River with some major switchbacks.  Eventually you end up beside Carpenter Lake which has a dam on outflow end of it before emptying into the Bridge River. The lake is very large and is about 50 km long (in my estimation).  At the far end where Gold Bridge lies is a beautiful mountain range with snow on the peaks.  I’ve attached a number of photos. Bye for now.

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