Finally a Long Haul

Finally got to go on a long haul trip to northwestern BC to a place called Meziadin Junction.  Had to deliver a load of emulsion to the Bell bridge 32km east of the junction.  The weather on the way up was good, different story on the way home however.  Along the way I saw some moose, deer, black bear and one skunk.  After arriving I jumped out to talk to the spray truck that was working on the chip seal crew and was immediatly surrounded by millions of deer flies. 

Jumped right back into the truck and used some deet let me tell ya.  I was able to unload the same day even though my appointment wasn’t until the next morning.  This allowed me to stop at Merritt on the way home to visit with some friends at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival.  The weather from Burns Lake to Quesnel was brutal with the worst of it just outside of Prince George.  The winds there were 50km plus I assume and the rain was horizontal.  There was talk on the big radio of a trucker running into a hail storm somewhere that was so bad he slid off the road and ended up on his side.  I didn’t see it on the main highway so it must of been on a secondary road.

Hopefully the work keeps coming and I keep busy.  Bye for now.

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