Gravel Roads Suck

Got back from a trip into Pemberton on a forest service road that runs along side of Lilloet Lake.  Didn’t have much fun or make much money.  To start with I blew a belt on my right front steer tire and had to keep filling it up with air to get to the site.   Then when I met up with the other truck getting unloaded in front of me, it seems that dispatch gave me the wrong instructions as I was supposed to wait at the beginning of the forest service road for the supervisor to show me where they wanted to unload me.  So I had to head back 20 km and park.  

Along the way I had to climb a very steep hill that I came down on the way in and because I grabbed the wrong gear I spun out at the top and had to unhook my pup and pull the lead up to the top of the hill and drop it there then head back down and pick up the pup.  At the top I hooked up both trailers and proceeded to head to km 20.  When I got there I noticed that my drivers mirror had rattled a bolt loose and the frame was falling off also I was missing a mud flap and hanger.  I was happy to get unloaded and get out of there let me tell you.  Once I got to the town of Pemberton and did my walk around I noticed that my trailer brake lights were sticking on then going off with a flicker still happening.  Drove back to the yard in Coquitlam and found out the issue was with my truck and not the trailer.  Sigh……
Tallk to you later.

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