Still Going….

Well finally I’m busy enough to keep me happy.  Been running pretty good after I complained about not enough work.  Been up to Gold Bridge, BC a couple more times and went to Canim Lake once.  Just love the Gold Bridge country, right out of a western movie if you ask me.  Driving in the lower mainland this past week has been a nightmare with nothing but accidents on the freeway every day and night.  Hard not to get caught up in the road rage syndrome.  Glad when I get out of the area and start driving north so I can relax and focus on the job at hand. 

Truck has been running great although hard to keep it clean with the fresh magnesium chloride on the roads splashing all over it.  Sure hope it doesn’t cause me grief down the road.  Been hosing it down before every load to try and mitigate the corrosian.  Here are a few more pics from Gold Bridge area and one from Canim Lake.  Bye for now.

Have to drive around the ridge of this canyon

Looking back from the ridge of the canyon

Falls on the mountain side of the canyon

Carpenter Lake (Manmade)

My Peterbilt beside Carpenter Lake

A pic of Canim Lake

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