Time is a Flyin..

Wow here it is already in February 2012 and my time off is almost over.  Sorry I didn’t post in September, November etc., but I had other things on my mind.  September was a fairly busy month considering I didn’t think I was going to get any work because of the weather. Mostly hauling asphalt to Bamberton on Vancouver Island.  Had a spill when the attendant accidently hit the reverse switch and the asphalt started over flowing my tank and onto the ground.  What a mess and it took eight hours to clean up. 

November was slower but still made enough money to allow for a comfortable winter off.  I was hauling a lot of loads locally to asphalt plants in North Van and Chilliwack.  The climb to the ashpalt plant above Chilliwack Lake is a short but steep one and I have to split up the trailers in order to get to the site.  Once on my way up I came across a grader who had lost his brakes and slid backwards for about 60 feet before turning into the wall on a corner and getting high centered on the ditch line.  Scary ride I bet for sure.

In December I headed home to take the winter months off as the industry slows down immensely and this is what I wanted.  I had already gotten the news that my father needed a bypass surgery to replace 5 of his arteries on his heart in January so I was preparing myself for that.  Tough to sleep let me tell you.

January proved to be challenging as my father’s surgery was cancelled and we only found out at the eleventh hour after spending two days in Victoria where the operation was to be performed.  On the way back to Comox I stopped at his doctors office so he could renew a prescription and sat in the waiting room for over two hours.  When I thought I was going to loose it the doctor finally came out and told me that I had to take my father to the local hospital because the stress of not having his operation and driving all the way back to Comox had caused him to go into unstable angina.  He told me that dad would stay in the local hospital until his new operation date and be transported by ambulance to Victoria when the time comes.  Driving him out to the hospital was stressful as I was concerned that he would have a heart attack in my truck.  We arrived safely and after going through the joys of waiting in the emergency room he got his room.

His operation went off without a hitch and two weeks later he was home again.  Amazing what can be done in medicine these days to save lives.  He has a big scar on his chest and cannot drive for two months but will be back to his old self in six months.  He has to do some exercises and be careful not to open the incision in his chest but other than that he is doing well.  Whew….

Looks like I may be going back to work in March or April depending on the weather and amount of work.  Looking forward to it for sure.  I will have to put my truck in the shop to find a leak somewhere between my oil cooler and the block and have it check over first but other than that it should be ready to go.  Talk to you later.

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