Holiday is Over!!

Well all good things must come to an end and as such it’s back to work for me.  Five months off is probably too much anyways so I guess I should suck it up and get at er.  First trip was a relatively easy one as I loaded a tandem axle tanker with liquid ashphalt to be delivered to Quality Paving on Herrling Island.  Herrling Island is in the Fraser River close to Hope.  It was a little tight getting in and out of the site but I made it work and it was good for me to have to back up anyways to brush off the rust.  The weather has been terrible raining all the time so there isn’t much work just yet but a lot of contracts have been signed so once the weather improves it will be a lot busier.  Took a couple of pictures (see below) of my truck and trailer after backing into the area where they pump off the load into a tank.

Truck is running good which is a relief as leaving Gold River (home), I didn’t get more than 14 km before I had to pull over and cool off my brakes.  It seems that my brake pedal was stuck  a bit and I never noticed as I didn’t have to use my brakes until I saw the smoke in my mirror.  After a lot of WD 40 and some time everything freed up and I was back on the road.

Well hopefully I won’t have to spend any money for a while but you never know after sitting for 5 months.  In any case I have my motor vehicle inspection at the end of May so I’ll find out then.  Bye for now.

Ashphalt delivery to Herrling Island BC

Ashphalt deliverty to Herrling Island BC

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