Calgary Bound

After a much needed day off, I picked up my preloaded trailer and headed for the Trans Canada.  Just outside of Sorrento, BC, I came accross a tractor/trailer roll over and had to wait for a couple of hours while they removed the container and rig from the middle of the highway.  While driving through Roger’s Pass I came upon some mean icy road conditions and slowed down to 60 kms.  At one point I thought I may have to chain up, but my momentum kept me going.  As I came to Field the next morning another tractor/trailer had slid off of the corner because of the icy conditions.  Waited for an hour before I could continue on my way.  Made it to Calgary, Alberta with no further problems or delays and unloaded.   Headed for Acheson, Alberta to unload some lumber wrap and finally unloaded a single axle booster in Edmonton, Alberta.  Dropped off my empty trailer to get loaded with some pipe and headed off to find another trailer to load some cement grout to deliver up to Fort McKay, Alberta.  Along the way I ran into a good snow storm and parked for the night.  After delivering in Fort Mckay, Alberta I headed back to Edmonton and picked up the load of pipe to deliver to Delta, BC.  Ran into another snow storm outside of Valemount, BC, which lasted all the way to Clearwater, BC.  Arrived in the yard after six days on the road.  Took a day off, whew! Bye for now.

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