Crushed Cars

Hooked onto another load of pipe bound for Grand Prairie, Alberta and headed out.  The going was good and I decided to take the long way (hwy 22) instead of taking a chance on the dreaded hwy 40 which is made up of a lot of hills (roller coaster ride) and is a narrow road.  I made it to Whitecourt, Alberta before pulling into a rest stop to sleep.  There were a few snow flurries but nothing to serious.  The next morning I unloaded in Grand Prairie and headed to Fort Saint John, B.C. to load some crushed cars.  I do have a photo but forgot to upload the image to my computer so I’ll update this post later.  I had to move my fifth wheel to get my weights right as I had to get as close to 30 ton as possible for more money.  The trip home was good and the highways and weather was good also.  Unloading the crushed cars however was a painful experience as it took forever to unload and the deck of the trailer was covered in oil and didn’t clean up too easily.  Talk to you later.

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