Hauling the Plate

After a day off I took the wide load of steel plate and headed for Edmonton.  The trip was a good one and the weather cooperated for a change.  Even when I arrived in Edmonton the sun was shining and the temp was plus 11.  A far cry from the minus 10 and blowing snow the last time I was there.  After unloading the plate I had to turn and burn to Merritt, B.C. to hook onto another trailer loaded with steel plate that was dropped in the Husky truck stop after the truck hauling it broke an injector and had to be towed back to Vancouver (ouch!).  After catching my required sleep, I headed for Edmonton and dropped off the load then headed for Fort Sask, Alberta to load some foam for the trip home.  Will have to take 36 hours off to reset my cycle before hitting the road again.  Bye for now.

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