Home Sweet Home

What a week! After spending the weekend in Edmonton, I went to load on  Monday and discovered the load was too high with dunnage and I had to sit it on the deck and because it was two sections of a conveyor for a gravel pit, I had to sit the top section on the lower section (metal to metal).  I didn’t feel comfortable with this so I cross chained the lower section to the deck and chained the upper section to the lower section in the middle so it couldn’t slide.  I had to stop frequently to tighten all the straps and boomers as it kept shifting on me.  Finally made it though after driving through some snow flurries here and there.  It was snowing pretty heavy over the Coquihalla from the old toll booth to the snow shed, but wasn’t sticking to the road as of yet.  Tonight will probably be a nightmare.  Glad I’m not going to be up there driving in it.  Got to load some lumber wrap and a booster tomorrow for Edmonton delivery and then it is off to Fort Nelson to pick up a portable screening plant I delivered in August.  That will be an interesting ride this time of year.  Bye for now.

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