Jig Saw Pipe

Live loaded some pipe bends for delivery to Nisku, Alberta that had to be tarped and was a little scarey the way we had to load it. It rode very well though all things considered.  Along the way I came accross an accident (see photo) where a tractor/trailer rolled over by Vavenby, B.C.  The tractor ended upside down with the trailer separated from the unit.  Not sure the driver walked away from this one.  The roads were very icy and it snowed off and on all the way to Alberta.  After unloading in Nisku, I headed for south Edmonton to load some more pipe and then drove to Sherwood Park to load a truck.  I then headed for west Edmonton to load an empty shipping container on the step of my trailer.  I then started the drive back to the lower mainland.  Along the way I again ran into a pretty good snow storm although this one was without the wind so driving wasn’t so bad.  Spent the night in Blue River, B.C. and woke up to the snow still falling.  Snow fell all the way to Kamloops where it stopped until I got to Larson Hill before the toll booth.  After arriving in the yard I unloaded the container and helped tarp my load for delivery next week to northern Alberta.  Bye for now.

  truck rollover accident

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