Last Blast My A$$

Since my last post I’ve driven through two snow storms, one between Valemount and Blue River and the other between Fort Nelson and Wonowon.   The one in Valemount wasn’t that bad however two truckers seemed to be afraid to drive very fast on the compact snow and were puttin along in first gear and wouldn’t you know it a convoy formed of angry truck drivers.  The funny thing is these two had heavy loads on an traction shouldn’t have been an issue with that kind of weight.  One trucker finally got frustrated and pulled out and passed then he got on the big radio and let the rest of us know when there was on coming traffic so we all could get by.  Funny feeling driving by a line of trucks in the wrong lane with visibility near 50 feet and relying on someone on the radio to keep you from hitting head on with another vehicle, but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. 

The other snow storm was after delivering a load to the mines north of Watson Lake, Yukon and spending some time with Dan.  I was just leaving Fort Nelson after fueling up and didn’t like the look of the sky a head of me but had to get loaded the next day in the Peace River region.  After about two hours of driving in white out conditions with an empty trailer I’d had enough and pulled over at Bucking Horse River to wait it out.  The next morning it was still snowing but not as heavy and seeing how it was daylight, I chained up and drove to Wonowon before I could take off my chains.  That’s a long way to travel on a set of chains and I was worried for my rear diffs but they held up.  Finally got to the Peace River area and loaded some lumber to haul back to Richmond.  Funny how one of the truckers was talking on how the Valemount storm should be the last blast of winter.  Yeah right.   Bye for now.

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