Ups and Downs of Trucking

Well since my last post I was hoping things were getting better with loads.  But alas I’ve now had two trips in the last two weeks without a back haul.  Last week I figured I’d just head home empty and get another load of pipe and be on my way to set up a two rounder week this week.  But instead I got a load of nails and barbed wire to drop in Grande Prairie and then off to Lloydminster.  Now I’m sitting in Edmonton waiting for a back haul.  Looks like I’ll be here overnight arrggh! So much for a second trip this week.  I hope this turns around soon so I can get back to making good money again.  I may have another load going up past Watson Lake, Yukon again I won’t know until tomorrow.  Might see you again there Dan ole buddy.

I got to watch the hockey game between the USA and Canada at the Greendale truck stop and it was a blast.  There were about five truckers sitting in the small room watching and going crazy.  When the US tied it up with seconds to go, you could have heard a pin drop.  Then when we won it in overtime, I could barely hear for the noise.  Best time I’ve had at a truck stop to date for sure.

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