Pipe and Crushed Cars

Nothing exciting to talk about lately as all I’ve been hauling is pipe to Camrose, Alberta and crushed cars back to Richmond.  The crushed cars are something I don’t like doing but that is all that the company I’m working for is able to find for a back haul right now.  I have to tarp the pipe until the end of March which is a pain and hard on my $2500 tarps but that is why I had them made up.  Looks like I’ll be doing it for a while longer.  I have included some photos.  My truck is running good but there are a few small things to take care of like a new exhaust system, leaf spring pins, and some wiring issues.  Looks like I will get to watch the hockey game between USA and Canada tomorrow at the truck stop in Greendale, BC.  Bye for now.

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