The Great White North

Loaded an overhead crane (see photo) in Agassiz and delivered to Calgary.  From there I loaded a load of steel joists (see photo) and took off for Whitehorse, Yukon.  What a beautiful drive when the weather is nice which it was.  The road from Fort Nelson to Watson Lake was compact snow and icy in a few places but the drive went off without a hitch.  Got to spend a few hours visiting with Dan in Watson Lake before heading for Whitehorse.  Took lots of photos but not all will be posted here because of space.  After unloading in Whitehorse, I headed back towards Watson Lake to take highway 37 to Kitwanga, BC and then on to Prince George to load crushed cars.  The highway was in bad shape with more frost heaves than in Alberta.  There were cariboo all over the place for the first 30-50 km.  When I got to Dease Lake it started snowing and snowed all the way to Kitwanga.  At the Meziadin Junction it was very icy and I slid past the turn and had to back up.  I think next time I will stay on the highway to Fort Nelson and down that way as the drive will be better.  Yes Dan, I know you told me so.  The drive from Kitwanga to Prince George was slippery in spots and a Canadian Tire truck spun out on a corner and blocked most of the highway (see photo) but I was able to get around him before the road got blocked.  Kind of ironic that it says “Mastercraft” on the side of the trailer.  I’d have to say that he wasn’t a master of his craft today.  After loading in Prince George, I headed for Richmond to deliver my load on Monday morning.  Bye for now. 

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