Bad Choices Fatal Consequences

Hauled a load of stainless steel drill pipe and an oxygen tank to Calgary for Monday delivery.  Along the way I was held up for about 12 hours because of a head on accident (see pics) between two big rigs just before the first snow shed in Rogers Pass.  I decided to stay in Sicamous to avoid the Indy 5oo that occurs after every road closure.  The accident was caused by a young drivers decision to travel too fast for road conditions when he crossed the center line and hit another truck head on.  Radio chatter was saying that he was driving eratically and passing when he shouldn’t.  Of course it was during a snow storm that this all took place.  He was only 29 years old and now he is dead.  The sad part is that he also killed his partner (30 years old) who was sleeping in the bunk and didn’t know what hit him.  Also two other trucks and drivers are traumatized and out of their livlihoods for now because of some bad choices.  The scarey part is this could happen to any one of us at any time without warning.  Hazzards of the job I guess, but shouldn’t happen. 

After unloading the tank in Calgary, I headed to Nisku to unload the drill pipe.  Then I headed to Edson to load some crushed cars and back to the lower mainland shortly thereafter.  Got into a bit of a beef with the forklift operator when he expected me to climb on top of the cars to wrap the plastic mesh required to haul the cars.  Little too dangerous for an old dog like me.  Bye for now.

Pile of rubble at the end is what is left of the truck

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