Lots of Travelling Not Much Money

Loaded a transformer on the kick and headed for Maple Ridge to load a 2000 T800 Kenworth Dump Truck. I dropped the transformer off in Edmonton and then headed for Sundre, AB to unload the dump truck. I then headed for Calgary to load an empty 40′ container to deliver back in Edmonton. After unloading the container and having a bit of a run in with the fork lift operator, I loaded a compressor, gear box and wooden crate along with another empty container and headed for the lower mainland. It seems like the industry has changed to the point where you are doing way more travelling just to make a buck when in fact you’re burning twice as much fuel so I’m not sure I’m making much. Going through Kamloops I ran into some heavy snowfall and decided to take the canyon, which turned out to be an easy drive. Unloading in North Vancouver this morning turned out to be an adventure as the chemical plant I was delivering to was starting their first day of tighter security due to the olympics. Everyone I had contact with was having a bad day and I couldn’t wait to get out of there. They were checking the lunch boxes of staff who had worked there for over thirty years and they were complaining loudly. Then I unloaded the container and here I sit waiting for a load out of here. Figures, I get here quick to try and get another load so I can possibly get two this week and I have to sit. That will screw me for two this week. Bye for now.

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