Hi I’m a Moron

Loaded some pipe in Delta for delivery in Calgary.  The drive was great but when I got to the rest area in Jumping Pound to reset my log book I forgot to shut off my trailer lights when I shut off the motor to save fuel.  Well needless to say the next morning I couldn’t start my truck and had to pay a towing company 150 bucks for a boost.  Delivered my load on Monday morning and headed down to Cowlay, AB to load some crushed metal bales for delivery in Richmond.  Decided to take highway three back instead of going back to Calgary and taking highway one.  Big mistake as highway three is nothing but steady climbs and lots of winding curves.  Took me over an hour to get over Kootenay Pass because of compact snow and ice.  Burned as much fuel as I would have going from Van to Golden.  Didn’t make much money this trip.  Bye for now.

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