To Close For Comfort

Had the you know what scared out of me the other night while hauling another load of pipe to Alberta.  I was about 3-5 km from the BC/Alberta border and decided to stop for the night and get some sleep at the tourist info cairn by Yellow Lake.  I put my left turn signal on for the three trucks behind me to let them know I was turning.  Just before I turned, I checked my mirror and saw that the truck behind me had decided to pass me while I was trying to turn.  I straightened out and he hit the shoulder trying to avoid me.  I looked in the mirror again and the second truck was on his brakes trying to avoid hitting me in the trailer so I grabbed a gear and made my turn through all the dust raised by the moron in the first truck.  Luckily I hit the entrance to the small road to the info cairn and got on the radio right away to voice my displeasure to the two who almost cost me my life.  One driver responded by telling me to chill out because I was still alive wasn’t I?  The other driver ignored me and with an excited voice told the first truck that his heart was still racing and what a thrill that was.  I couldn’t believe my ears and didn’t know what to do as it all happened so fast that I didn’t get a name on the door only that it was a burgandy colored tractor with a step deck load of small diameter pipe.  Both drivers sounded young which would explain their poor choices and exitement in just about getting in an accident.  I couldn’t sleep for about an hour after that and must say that I haven’t been that scared since I was a teenager.  I for one can’t wait for the speed restriction law coming to BC similar to the one in Ontario.  I don’t drive over 100 km/hr anyways so it won’t affect me at all. 

After delivering the pipe I headed to Edmonton to load a fiberglass tank (see photo) for delivery to Salt Spring Island, BC.  Heading down Larsen Hill on the Coquihalla I came accross a fellow who left his foot on the brakes a little too long (see photo).   At least he got the truck away from the trailer before it burned up. 

I’m taking some time off after working four months straight and looking forward to it.  Had to put my truck in the shop to get some issues taken care of so when I return I won’t have to worry about the truck.  Bye for now. 

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  1. angie Says:

    I can’t believe the responses from those two” truckers”! Their lack of remorse and humility is frightening to me! At the very least they would have cost you money for repairs and time off the road (lost work), which is more money! At worst , Well… it is unthinkable! Your Job is very dangerous. I love your great attitude and responsible driving! xoxo Here’s to all the not so responsible, bad attitudes and immature truckers out there….#***#*#>~£!!!!!! It’s kind of nice to be able to read some of your older post Paul . Looking forwards to your next post!

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