Back at it Again

Well after a couple of weeks off I’m back on the road doing the same thing I was doing before.  I’m hauling pipe into Alberta and returning with crushed cars.  However, I got to go to the Yukon again and visit with Dan (see photo) while I was there.  It was very muddy on site at the mine, but the roads into the site were in good shape.  It is such a nice drive up to Wolverine Mine when the weather is good with all the lakes and rivers etc.  I’d hate to have to drive that road in the rain though as it would be very muddy I’m sure.  I drove to Fort St. John, BC to load some crushed cars for the trip home.  On the way I ran with a super b loaded with lumber and we talked on the radio about fuel consumption and drivers in general.  Then a blue Kenworth hauling a van came up on us and told us to pick up our speed or pull over.  I told the driver that I was doing the speed that the little white sign was telling me and if he was in such a hurry to pass on the next long stretch.   Well he didn’t wait for a long stretch instead he started passing on a small one so I assumed he would pull in behind me so I maintained my speed while the super b slowed to let him in.  The driver kept coming however trying to pass me as well so I shut off my cruise control and hit my jake and brake pedal as there wasn’t enough room before the corner for him to pass.  Around the corner came a small car who was forced onto the shoulder before the driver could cut in front of me.  Needless to say there were some short words expressed on the radio at which point he accused me of speeding up instead of slowing down.  I told him to pull over and we’d discuss this further but he declined and sped off.  The super b driver however let him know that it was drivers like him that give the rest of us a bad name and a black eye for our industry.  The driver told us to let it go and get over it.  I feel sorry for the small car as he/she must have freaked out for sure.  What if it had been another big rig?  I shudder to think about that.

Driving along crooked river to Bear Lake I took a couple of pictures of the beautiful reflections in the water of crooked river (see photo).  Wish I could have stopped and shot a few.  Got to 100 Mile House and slept.

After unloading the crushed cars in Richmond, I proceeded to load at the docks again before heading to Kal Tire to replace my drive tires.  Then off to Peterbilt to replace my windshield and load leveling valve.  While I was on days off I had my exhaust replaced and a few other items fixed that had been on my list of things to do.  Now when I get pulled in for a level one I will definately get my sticker for the windshield.

Sitting in Camrose, AB listening to game six of the Vancouver/LA playoffs.  Go Canucks!!  Bye for now.

Watson lake Yukon

Crooked River BC

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