Where is Spring?

Sitting up in High Level, Alberta waiting to unload some fencing material in the morning and there is roughly 5 inches of snow around.  I arrived in Dawson Creek on Saturday morning to unload a 20′ container and it was snowing pretty good.  So much for spring like weather in northern Alberta, lol.   Been hauling a lot of pipe into Alberta until recently when they started loading me with 12 meter lengths which put me over my gross weight for my tractor.  This happened four times out of five, so they are giving me LTL (less than load) loads now.  I can make more money if the dispatch can get a good rate and I don’t have to waste much time loading and unloading (which has been the case for the most part) at each end.  I won’t get two rounders a week doing things this way but it should even out or get me a little more revenue sometimes. 

My truck has been running really well lately and the fuel mileage is starting to improve also due to my keeping the cruise control on all the time and coasting down hills without the jake.  Of course, this will change with heavy loads.  I have some pictures but I’m too lazy to upload them for now so I will do it another time.

My laptop finally packed it in so I went to Staples in Calgary last week and bought a new one with Windows 7.  I’m not too thrilled with the new windows as it won’t allow you to install all your old software that you’ve paid money for previously.  So now I’m uploading open source software that accomplishes the same thing.  To hell with Microsoft and their paranoid tendencies towards loosing profits.  Discovered a new email client called Thunderbird that seems to work well.  Didn’t really like Outlook anyways.  I am seriously thinking about reformatting and installing a linux operating system now.  Might see if the old one can be salvaged and use it as the guinea pig until I learn how to use the system first.  Bye for now.

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