The Great White North

Been a little lazy with the posting lately, however I just went to the Yukon again and got to go up to Keno City.  Hauled some construction equipment to Wolverine Mine (3 hrs from Watson Lake) and then to Keno City operations up in the northern tip of the Yukon.  The weather was great all the way until I got to Faro when it started to drizzle a little.  Along the way I got to see black and grizzley bears, buffalo, cariboo, elk, moose, wolverine and a beautiful black wolf with brown blotches.  The wolf was an amazing animal to watch as he ran away from the sound of my big truck.  I only wish I could have gotten a picture of him but he was gone too fast. 

Quite the little mining town, there was museams and little tourist stores everywhere.  The museum was cool with all kinds of pictures, tools and info about the mining days.  This is a silver mining town of about 20 locals with about 120 workers that stay in camp.  Apparently it has been a successful mine for over 20 years. 

On the way home I stopped in Ross River to visit with a friend whom I hadn’t seen in over seven years.  Ross River is a nice place also with lots of rivers and lakes.  I’ll post some pictures below. Bye for now.

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