Summer is Finally Here!

Wow June sure was a bad month for weather.  I’ ve never tarped so much this time of year.  Thought it was winter for a bit.  Still hauling to Alberta mostly with LTL (less than load) loads.  Seems to pay more money and it refects well on my paycheck.  I have to back into some tough spots and think more about how I load my trailer so I can get the next load on as well,  but it seems to be worth it. 

Just spent 4000 on my truck putting in a new clutch, rear seal and spring pins along with a motor vehicle inspection.  All that’s left to do now is the transmission and rear ends if they go.  Hopefully my driving habits will help to avoid those two going on me.  When they replaced the clutch they looked inside the inspection plate of the tranny and told me everything looked good.   Truck is in pretty good shape now. 

All the farmers in Alberta have their crops coming up and the fields of canola look pretty (see photo)  at times depending on the light.  Got to give it to those guys they sure work their tails off.  Wish I had more time to take pictures of different fields that contrast each other.

Came accross two accidents (see photos) in the last month or so.  One was a rear ender while parked on the side of the road (I assume anyways).  The other looked like a wild ride over a bank towards the Fraser River after bouncing off the ditch side and leaving his load there before heading accross the road to the river side.  Heard a rumour on the radio that he swerved to miss a moose.  Never heard how he made out though.  Hopefully he’s alright as his truck is pretty banged up. 

Bye for now.

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