Seven More Sleeps

Just seven more days and I’m on two weeks off.  Can’t wait!!  I really need the break to regenerate as it’s been almost four months since I’ve had time off.  Been driving to Fort McMurray a lot lately as that is where the money is at.  Weather has been good for the most part although there has been times of driving through torrential downpours.  Keeps the truck clean though.  Had a couple of loads where the dispatcher lied to the customer about delivery times and it came back to bite them you know where.  I don’t lie for anyone so when I’m asked about loading times, driving times, etc. I tell the truth.  Don’t understand why anyone has to lie anyways, the product gets delivered in the end. 

Passed a bad accident (see photos) heading up the Coquihalla the other day just past the snow shed where a truck rearended another one apparently after the driver nodded off.  No one was hurt but the damage done to the tractor was unbelievable.  The ironic thing was the company responsible for the accident was called “Same Day Service”  I guess even those guys need sleep eh?

Sitting in Hinton, Alberta waiting for log book to reset before I head back to Abbottsford to drop my loaded trailer and hook onto another preloaded trailer bound for Red Deer and then to… guessed it, Fort McMurray.  That will be my last long trip although I may take something to Kelowna or Penticton etc. Bye for now.

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