More Pipe Bends

Getting a lot of loads hauling pipe bends it seems lately, which is a good thing as they pay very well.  This one had to be tarped like the last few as the client is worried about the road salt getting inside the pipe and costing more money to coat.  Along the way I ran into some bad weather that started at Clearwater, B.C. and went all the way to Jasper, Alberta.  As always there were those who couldn’t stay to the speed limit or under and paid the price. A tractor/trailer got to close to the edge of the road on a corner and caught the edge (see photo) between Blue River and Valemount, B.C.  And on the other side of Valemount, a pickup truck rolled accross the road and landed on the opposite side from where he was heading (see photo).   Once I got to Nisku, Alberta to unload the temperatures were very cold (-30 celcius) and rolling up my tarp was a nightmare along with rolling up my straps.  The tarp looked like one of those hay rolls you see in a farmers field and I had to fold the straps and place on the trailer deck to be thawed out later in my hotel room.  I then went to Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta to pick up a load of foam for the ride home.  Bye for now.

 semi off the road by Valemount BC 

semi off the road by valemount bc 

pickup truck in ditch by Valemount bc

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