On the Road Again

Well it seems that days off are never long enough to accomplish everything that needs to get accomplished are they?  Got to spend some time with my family, but didn’t get to see any of my friends without my pickup for transportation.  The down fall of taking a load home instead of driving my pickup I guess.  Hooked onto a trailer loaded with a 100 ton lowbed to deliver to Edmonton.  The drive was good until I got into Edmonton where it was minus 10 and snowing.  I had to sit for four days waiting for the winds and driving snow to subside before I could be loaded with foam for the trip home.  Got to visit with my neice for a few hours while I was there which was good.  Other than that I burned a lot of fuel trying to stay warm.  On the way to pick up the foam, highway 21 was like a skating rink with over twenty cars in the ditch.  I was too afraid to take my hands off of the wheel to grab a few photos.  I did however get a couple of shots (see photos) on the way out of Edmonton where there were a few vehicles in the ditch including a plow truck.  It was good to get back to the land of the living where rain was a welcome site.  Bye for now.

plow truck in the ditch outside of Edmonton Alberta Canada 

accident outside of Edmonton Alberta Canada

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