Over Gross

My first load over my gross (46,500) vehicle weight turned out to be a load of steel plate bound for Edmonton, Alberta.  However, you’re allowed some leeway on your front axles and drivers at this time of year as long as your under or bang on with the tridems on the trailer.  I was 5600 on the front axle, 17,510 on the drivers and 23770 (46,880) on the tridems.  I had to remove all my chains and boomers etc from the headache rack to get to this weight allowance.  By the time I got to Tijion scale I had burned enough fuel to bring me down to 16, 880 on the drivers and 5480 on the front axle.  Coming into Edmonton I witnessed a very nice sunrise and took a shot through the windshield (see photo) that didn’t turn out like I wanted, but I didn’t feel like stopping for more stability.  After unloading I headed for Fort Saskatchewan to load some foam for delivery in Sidney, BC on Vancouver Island.  Bye for now.

 Alberta sunrise through the windshield

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