Running in the fog

Hauled another load of pipe to Fort McMurray this weekend, should be the last one for a while.  The drive from the lower mainland to Valemount, B.C. was a good one with the sun out most of the way.  Rain started at Valemount and continued until Obed, Alberta where the sun broke free again until I got to Wandering River, Alberta.  There I ran into a fog bank that lasted all the way to Fort McMurray, Alberta.  Visability was only one hundred feet, lifting sometimes to a few hundred.  Kind of wish the fog would stay around while I drive that highway as it was the first time I could remember not having four wheelers pass me on corners or double solid lines up hills etc.  In fact, the only vehicles passing me were big rigs that I would slow down and pull over for.  Dropped off a dune buggy in Boyle, Alberta that I hauled as a favour it seems.  I was supposed to get two hundred cash on delivery, but that didn’t materialize.  After unloading and heading back to Edmonton, Alberta I loaded a section of a conveyor for a gravel pit to haul back to Aldergrove, B.C.  There will be eleven loads in all for this gravel pit as it is a big unit broken down into quite a few pieces.  Supposed to snow in Edmonton tomorrow just as I’m leaving. Bye for now.

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