Scrap Car Nightmare

Still hauling pipe into northern Alberta to the oil sands projects. Back hauled some crushed cars last trip that leaked oil all over my rear end of my pete and had to wait out the scale as I didn’t want to take a chance of getting shut down for 72 hours because of environmental issues or contaminated brakes. Starting to get tired of these loads as they are very risky vs the amount of pay for hauling them. BC seems to frown on these types of loads and the scales and DOT seem to pull us over when they can to check everything out. The main scrap metal buyer is in Vancouver, so that is where they are selling them. I came close to deciding to sell my truck and try something else after seeing the oil all over my brake drums. Just paid a lot of money to have all my brakes done and had to pay another 100 bucks to see if my shoes were contaminated. They weren’t but I’m not sure if I can take anymore of this stress. Leaning towards going back to school and trying something else now that I have some money saved up. The good money in trucking isn’t worth the sacrifices that have to be made in my opinion. Bye for now.

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