Stuck In Fort St. John, BC

Wow, my bad.  Haven’t posted here in a long while.  I just took a load of towers and equipment for Bell Mobility to Fort Nelson, BC and because I cannot load my back haul until Monday (long weekend) I have to sit and wait in Fort St. John, BC as that is where I’ll be loading from.  It’s a dirty little town to say the least, but not as bad as Fort Nelson is for sure.  The weather has been nice any ways which is a bonus. 

My truck was running excellent up until I returned from holidays last week when I found out that someone had ran into it while it was parked in the yard.  Of course no one will own up to it.  Not much damage just a bent out bumper and a few scratches in the fiberglass.  But now the alternater is always charging more than it should when I’m up to speed and when it’s idling it is charging really low.  I noticed that my driving lights flicker on and off so I’m hoping that the bent bumper may have caused one of the wires to ground out and draw down the batteries.  Will get it checked out when I return.

Right now I’m building a website for a new client who is hosting on my server and it’s been fun actually.  Hope they like it.  Bye for now.

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