Another New Year

Happy New Year to all!!  I’ve been a bit lazy in writing to this blog lately, but will try to keep up.  I’ve been hauling pipe steady back and forth from BC to Alberta and back to BC.  That is about all that is available to haul right now with the economy the way it is.  Starting to get tired of dealing with the morons that work at the ports however.  Wouldn’t be proud to say I worked there I tell you.  Bunch of fat, lazy you know whats if you ask me. 

Been a lot of snow to drive through and mud slides as well as snow slides have been closing down some roads.  Everyone is out of money apparently when it comes to clearing off the roads as they are pathetic.  Welcome to the world of privatization. 

Just a month and a half and I’ll have my truck paid off.  Whew!  I’ll be glad when that is over and done with let me tell you.  The truck has been running well (knock wood) and it is starting to burn a little oil but apparently that is normal for an older truck.   Well I’ll talk to you later.

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