Windy Times

Wow, did I ever run into some wind between Edson Alberta and Jasper Alberta.  I was hauling a load of foam back after delivering another load of pipe to Edmonton.  The wind was so strong it shifted my load over to one side about 4 inches.  After cinching it down again I headed for Vancouver to deliver.  Along the way I ran into a snow storm between Blue River, BC  and Clearwater, BC.  It was snowing pretty heavy and the roads weren’t in bad shape considering.  Foam is light so I took my time and passed three super b’s spun out on various hills.  By the time I got to Little Fort for breakfast the snow had changed to rain once again.  The highways were filthy dirty all the way to the rest area on top of the “smasher” hill on the Coquihalla where I convinced a loader operator who was moving snow around to help me straighten my load.  I have a bunch of pictures of accidents from before Xmas till now to upload when I have the time.  Bye for now.

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