Dimsdale Bound

Hauled a load of casing to Dimsdale, Alberta and then drove empty to Edmonton after unloading.  The drive was good with road conditions alright.  I decided to take hwy. 40 after hearing on the big radio that it was bare and dry.  However, I found out that there was some slippery sections on some corners that they forgot to tell me about.  At one point I thought I was going to slide off a corner and I was only doing 80 km/hr.  Slept at Grand Cache and then headed out for Grand Prairie in the morning.  Got stuck behind a wide load that could only manage about 20-30 km/hr up most of the hills.  This cost me about 45 minutes but I finally got around him.  Dimsdale is about 20 minutes west of Grand Prairie so it didn’t take long to find it.  After arriving in Edmonton to wait for my next load home I discovered that my turbo seal between the exhaust manifold and the turbo was leaking worse than before I left.  I couldn’t leave the truck running at night.  The temps in Edmonton were plus 4 so it didn’t matter until I got to Valemount, BC on the way home where it was minus 8.  I woke up a little cold but the extra quilt I got from mom for xmas helped immensely.  I have an appointment on Monday to get it fixed so I will be able to breathe a little easier and sleep with heat in the future.  Bye for now.

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