At Last a Good Trip…

Finally a good trip after the last one I had.   Went to the docks to load some more pipe and while I was there one of the drivers who caused me grief last trip came up and apologized for allowing the other driver to butt in.  I accepted and we talked for a bit then I got loaded and headed for Camrose.   After unloading I headed for Edmonton to load a dozer (see photo)  bound for Whitehorse, Yukon.  Everything went well and the weather was good.  Stopped in Watson Lake to reset my logbook and visit with Dan.  Such a beautiful drive when the weather is good. 

Got to Whitehorse and unloaded the dozer then went to load some crushed steel bales bound for Surrey.  I decided to take hwy 37 from Watson Lake to Kitwanga, BC  and then on to Prince George from there.  It was supposed to save me two hours (which it did).  Along the way, I came accross the remnents of a previous forest fire (see photos) near Good Hope Lake that burned a lot of ground.  Some areas were still smoldering as I drove through them.  Climbing up the Stikine River Valley I came across a motor home that had gotten too close to the edge of the road (see photo)  and went over on it’s side.  They were just pulling it back onto the road when I came through.  Bet that scared the you know what out of the driver.  Got to Surrey and unloaded my steel bales then headed back to the yard to wait for my next load.  Bye for now.

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