Making the Miles

Since my last post, I’ve been to Fort St. John BC, Prince George BC, Leduc AB, Albion Sands just outside of Fort McMurray AB, Patricia  AB, Edmonton AB, Delta BC and North Vancouver BC.  Ran into some rain at Edmonton and all the way back to Valemount but other than that the weather has been pretty good.  Had a bit of an issue with the piledriving hammer that I brought back from Albion Sands in that they forgot to lock the hammer in place.  I found this out the hard way when I tried to stop at a stop sign and the hammer slid forward into the kick on my step deck trailer causing a loud bang and denting it pretty good.  Scared the bejesus out of me as it was dark at the time and I thought someone had run into me.

Got out and saw the problem so I backed up and hit the brakes allowing the hammer to slide back in place then I chained it so it wouldn’t move forward all the way.  Also put some dunnage in front of the kick in case it broke the chain it wouldn’t damage the kick anymore.  Pulled a muscle in my lower back  (painful) tightening the boomer on the chain and been tweaking it ever since.  All in all its been a good time and no real problems other than the hammer but that wasn’t my fault so it didn’t bother me none.  Sitting in the yard in Abbottsford now waiting for a load on Monday to who knows where.  Bye for now.

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