Winter is Among Us

Well about five days ago I got my first taste of winter driving. Although there was no snow on the road per se, there was about one and a half inces on the ground (see photo) between Jasper and Hinton. I also heard that there was snow over the hump on Highway One between Revelstoke and Golden.

My back is starting to feel better although I can still feel it when I have to throw belts or cables over the loads.  I also wake up a little stiff in the mornings but it won’t be long and I’ll be back to new.

Had some interesting loads recently, but haven’t been too good at taking pics. One was a 65′ long load of ibeams, another was a 14’5″ high compactor and a 20′ container (see photo) and an engine stand on the same load, another load of 55′ ibeams, and the usual crushed cars.

Truck has been running good (knock wood) and is only using a bit of oil when close to the service date, which is normal. Wish I could find the time to wash it more. When I have the time I’m never near a truck wash.

Looks like I have to load another long load (63′) from the port docks in North Vancouver tomorrow. I have a single bunk which allows me to haul the long loads which pay more. Everyone else has the big bunks and cannot turn without doing damage to their bunk. So I guess there is something to be said about having a small bunk even though it is cramped with all my junk. Bye for now.

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