Back into the Abyss

After sitting in Fort McMurray for 36 hours I drove to Edmonton and picked up a load of 60′ rebar to deliver to Surrey, BC.  After delivery on Thursday I loaded up a 40′ container on Friday for Monday delivery.  I left this morning and I am now sitting in Whitecourt Alberta where it is minus 32 degrees celcius.  Drove my 13 hours so I have to wait until morning to drive the rest of the way to Wabasca which is another 3 or 4 hours north east.  I almost smoked a few big horn sheep in Jasper Park that were licking the salt off the middle of the road and I didn’t see them until the last minute.  Of course they’re so dumb they just stood there and looked at me sliding towards them.  I managed to drive through a hole in the herd without hitting any of them.  Good thing too because if you get caught hitting one of them you are liable for the replacement cost of the sheep.  I hear it’s very expensive.  Good thing I was only doing the speed limit other wise I may be fixing my truck and purchasing a sheep…Yikes… Talk to you later.

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