Damn it’s cold…

Delivered the container this morning and had to use two pickers as one couldn’t lift it. See the pics below.  I also added another pic of Mt. Robson, sorry I just can’t resist shooting that rock when the sun hits it just right.  On my way to Dawson Creek, BC I almost hit two moose who thought they’d drag race me in the ditch and then decided to try the other side at which time I had slowed down to about 30 km so I was able to stop.  Too fast to take a pic however.  Right now I’m sitting in Dawson Creek waiting to get loaded tomorrow and the temp is minus 41 degrees celcius.  When I first arrived and went to fuel up I turned too sharp and severed my air line to the trailer.  My hands almost froze off when I made the repairs.  I think I’ll be buying the softer rubber lines instead of the hard plastic I have now when I get back to the land of the living. Bye for now.

 View of Mount Robson bathed in sunset light.

Unloading container in Wabasca, Alberta

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