Boosters and a Jeep

Hauled a couple of boosters and one jeep to Acheson, Alberta.  The drive was good and weather likewise.  Unloaded in Acheson and Edmonton then headed for Fort Sask, Alberta to load some more foam for the trip home.  Along the way I had an idiot truck driver get impatient driving through the 50 km zone where they are putting in the pipeline within Jasper National Park by passing me on the right and nearly hitting a construction worker in the process.  He gained one spot in front of me for his efforts.  Got to wonder! Gives the rest of us a bad name.  Oh well, made it home without incident and unloaded in Surrey, BC.  Then I went back to the yard and hooked onto a preloaded trailer of steel joists bound for Victoria and Nanaimo, BC.  Unloaded in Victoria and on my way up to Nanaimo, I had a woman pull out in front of me at a set of lights outside of Duncan.  I had to swerve into the hammer lane and narrowly missed hitting her.  Luckily there was no one in the hammer lane when I swerved.  I changed lanes again into the slow lane, and she pulled up along side of me and gave me the finger.  Go figure, should of hit her I guess.   After unloading in Nanaimo I had some days off (wahoo!!).  Bye for now.

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