Hauling Rebar

Loaded up with a split load of rebar destined for Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.  The drive to Calgary went good for a change with no weather issues to speak of and no accidents to witness.  Arrived in Calgary in the evening of the first (sorry no April Fools) and stayed at the old Petro Pass truck stop.  In the morning I had to make my way right down town to Center Street before traffic got too bad.  Unloaded and reloaded with some rebar from the job site to deliver to another job site a few blocks away.  Unloaded that and headed for Edmonton to deliver another bundle of rebar.  After unloading I went to the local truck stop in Fort Sask, Alberta and took 24 hours off until my load of foam was ready and then headed for Aldergrove, B.C.  Along the way my rear strap came loose and I had to stop outside of Hinton to retie the load and then head on my way again.  Bye for now. 

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