Winters Not Over Yet!

I grabbed a load of steel construction forms to be delivered to Nisku, Alberta and along the way I ran into some snow flurries here and there, but nothing serious.  The RCMP were checking log books in Little Fort, BC, which I’ve never seen before so I guess they’re mixing it up a little.  I think a few truckers got caught with their pants down as a few miles before and a few miles after there were trucks in pullouts with drivers working on log books.  Good thing they had their radios to rely on.  After delivering the load in Nisku, I headed for Edmonton to load a winch and some pipe and then off to load a large lathe and conveyor to be delivered to the lower mainland by Monday.  The lathe and conveyor had to be tarped and of course I didn’t have any with me so I had to borrow some.  Good thing as on the way home I ran into a wicked snow storm between Edson and Jasper which forced me to spend the night at a rest area outside of Hinton.  When I awoke in the morning it was still snowing (lighter though) and there was three inches on the hood of my truck and the same on the two tarped crates.  After Jasper the skies cleared and the trip the rest of the way was a good one until I hit the lower mainland where it was raining a little.  Bye for now. 

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