Busy as a Beaver

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted because I have been very busy which is a good thing.  I’ve been to Anahim Lake, Ashcroft,  Bamberton and the Okanagan to name a few.  While in Kaleden (Okanagan) I got to visit with Terry whom I have worked with at a couple of companies in the past and hadn’t seen in a while.  It was good to relax and look over Skawhaw Lake which is what Terry and Georgina get to look at every morning when they wake up.  Beautiful area with orchards everywhere and wildlife right at your front door (literally).

Also got to go up the Silver Skagit Valley road just south of Hope on the Flood Hope road.  Another beautiful place that I didn’t know existed.  The road itself goes up to a reservoir on the Canada/US border and is controlled by the US.  There are campgrounds along the way on the Canada side and it looks to be very popular.  Took some photos of the waterfalls alongside the road that empty into Silver Hope Creek.

Sure wish summer would arrive however as I sit here in the pouring rain waiting for the long weekend to get over with so I can get back on the road and make more money.  The poor weather affects the amount of work I get as whether I’m hauling ashphalt or magnesium chloride, the weather has to be good in order for the clients to use the product.  I know once it arrives I’ll be complaining about the heat LOL.  By for now.

Female deer and her baby

Baby deer

A quail sitting on a log

Waterfalls in Flood Hope BC

Waterfalls flowing into Silver Hope Creek

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  1. angie Says:

    Paul, I’m here! ” Officially” , any way!! I love to read about all your adventures. You do a great job of describing them. Canada and B.C. are fabulous. My goal, in the coming near future ,when I am better, is to see more of it. That water fall is awesome. I would sure love to take a refreshing dip into Silver Hope Creek! I hope you got lots of ” puter”, work done while you were waiting out the long weekend. Every thing is working with my blog now, thanx. looking forwards to finding out where you are now. Can I say I love ya , on your blog? I guess I just did….lol Thank-you for sharing your sights and interesting story’s. P.S. Mikes brother lives in Ashcroft. We’ve taken Rachel there a few times to see him and his kids.

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