Bonaparte Valley

Been to a few places since my last post.  One was about 35 km southwest of Williams Lake on Dog Creek Rd where I watched a small hawk perched on a telephone wire (see photo) spot his breakfast and dive down for it.  Pretty cool, although not for the field mouse I’m sure.

Got a chance to visit the Bonaparte Valley up the Bonaparte Road to deliver some magnesium chloride.  I had never been there before so it was a welcome change.  Another beautiful place in British Columbia to say the least. On the way up I passed a serious vehicle accident at Alexander Bridge just east of Yale where a motor home and fifth wheel travel trailer got into a head on collision (see photo).  A bunch of people standing around so I didn’t stop as I would have been in the way anyways.

Lots of summer homes on the many lakes in the area and some year round residents as well.  Some of the lakes are Green, Pressy, Watch and Young.  The spray truck driver has been in the area for over 30 years and told me a few interesting stories of winters where the snow was about 6 feet deep and it was difficult to keep the roads open so a rancher in the area hooked up his horse and buggy and took people into 70 Mile House to get supplies when necessary.  I drove by one summer home on Pressy Lake that had a water slide going from the house to the lake (see photo).

Since then I’ve been to Bridge Lake and now I’m sitting in Cache Creek waiting for the weather to cool down (41 degrees Celsius) before I head to Horsefly Lake for tomorrow morning delivery.  Bye for now.

Small hawk scouting for breakfast

And there is breakfast says the hawk

Fifth wheel travel trailer involved in a head on collision near Alexander Bridge, BC

Motor home involved in a head on collision near Alexander Bridge, BC

Summer homes on Pressy Lake

Cabin on Pressy Lake

Water slide beside summer home on Pressy Lake

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  1. angie Says:

    Looks like a bad accident, did you hear if any one was badly injured? You must be relieved when some other person is first on the seen of some of these accidents. That part of you Job would be a little stressful, I would think. Have you ever had to do C.P.R? love ister4.xoxox

  2. admin Says:

    No I never heard anything or read anything about it. I passed two ambulances heading down to it from Boston Bar though. Haven’t had to perform cpr yet other than in class when I learned how.

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