Change of Plans

Well I started out loading styrofoam for delivery in the lower mainland and was rerouted to drop it off in the yard and had to stay overnight in Edmonton after picking up another trailer.  The next morning it was back to pick up another load of styrofoam to be delivered in Nanaimo, B.C. which was a good thing as I live on Vancouver Island and this allowed me to go home for a couple of days to see my family and then pick up a couple of v-8 diesels to take back to Langley, B.C. on Sunday.  Although it rained all day on Thursday and Friday so I didn’t get to seal the roof of my home, but that’s how it goes sometimes. 

The ferry traffic was ridiculous and the wait was two sailings.  The reservation system is really hard to judge while on the road as something as simple as an accident can make you miss your reservation so it’s like throwing darts at a dart board sometimes.  Wish they’d do something to allow commercial truckers preference over tourists in the reservation format.  Talk to you soon.

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