Back to the ole grind

After spending a couple of days with my family on Vancouver Island, it was off to Edmonton to deliver some lumberwrap, rolls of plastic and a neck for a low bed.  The drive went good and I made it in one day without having to spend the night anywhere in between.  After dropping off the three different loads to their respective owners, I picked up three wooden crates of oilfield equipment to deliver back to Richmond, B.C.  On the way back there was an accident on the west lane of hwy 16 which I circumvented by taking a round about detour.  Once on my way again I saw a travel trailer upside down in the grass median with the suv behind a tow truck eastbound.  Traffic was backed up for both incidents.  Slept in Valemount behind the Shell station.  Two tractors hooked to vans had parrallel parked instead of the normal way which ruined it for anyone else hoping to catch some winks.  Makes you wonder what was going on inside their heads.  I just left early to avoid blocking them in (should have anyways I guess, oh well…) Got to pick up some more pipe tomorrow from North Vancouver and then off to Edmonton once again. See you….

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