Still Trucking

Been so busy I haven’t had time to write although a lot of things have happened since my last post.  I’ve completed a number of trips hauling different loads to different places mostly from Edmonton to the Lower Mainland with a detour to the new floating bridge in Kelowna where my starter started acting up after only three months since I replaced it….sigh.  The morning began with the starter not even clicking when I turned the key.  The lights and all guages etc were strong so I knew the batteries were good.  I kept turning the key on and off for about fifteen minutes until it finally started to turn over but wouldn’t start.  I turned the key to the off position and tried again, voila it started on the first turn.  Go figure… I didn’t shut it off again until I arrived in Aldergrove where my yard is.  All weekend it started fine until Sunday when I tried to go and it turned over like the batteries were dead even though I knew they weren’t.  Then it did nothing even after trying to turn it on and off for more then twenty minutes.  Finally I unhooked from the trailer and used my 4×4 to pull it out from under the trailer.  I then grabbed the security guard and placed him in my 4×4 to pull start me.  The tractor started immediately and I headed out on the road for Edmonton.  Of course I won’t shut it off again until I can get it to the shop to be repaired next week.

I am going to have to buy a digital camera to take some pics for this blog as last Friday there was an accident in the lower mainland by 192 street overpass on the freeway (west bound) where a chicken truck rolled over (11:00 am) and chickens were running everywhere.  Traffic was backed up for miles and when I came back this way around 3:00 pm it was still backed up.  Just what everyone needed to start the long weekend.  Bye for now.

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