Truckers Update

Well I’m still very busy which is a good thing and am having troubles getting to internet access on a regular basis.  Anyways, finally got the starter issues sorted out.  It seems that the last time Peterbilt worked on my starter the mechanic inadvertantly left a wire off of the positive post (which I somehow couldn’t see) and didn’t replace the relay like he was supposed too. 

Seen an accident yesterday on the Kamloops hill where a super b hauling empty pop bottles rear ended a parked belly dump trailer with all the emergency triangles in place.  Lots of damage to the super b.  As I’m writing this at the Road King truck stop in Edmonton, there is an accident behind me on the overpass where a gravel truck and pup ran the red light and a tractor trailer turned into him pushing him into the ditch on the other side.  Man why is everyone always in a hurry these days?  No wonder we keep getting new rules and regs tossed at us with all the idiots out there making the rest of us look bad.  Hopefully all changes will weed out the bad drivers, but I kind of doubt it.

I’m off to Whitecourt, AB to get some super b experience hauling rig matts to the oil patch for two weeks.  Never hauled a super b before so I will be learning lots I’m sure.  Pretty easy gig or so I’ve been told hauling these matts as they’re not going to be a heavy load.  They just want the extra space apparently.  Talk to you soon.

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